Curry seems to be the ingredient these days. That little collection of spices just keeps popping up. What’s even in curry, you ask? Curry is a spice mix, and to make it even more confusing the precise make up of the mix varies by region and type of cuisine. It usually involves some combination of turmeric, coriander, cumin, ginger, nutmeg, fennel, cinnamon, fenugreek, white pepper, arrowroot, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, and red pepper.  Yep, all of that and sometimes more. I’ve seen it incorporated into almost anything. Soup! or Cake!? For the longest time I was sure it was too spicy for me. I have a long history of avoiding anything involving scoville chart topping spiciness, and curry is no exception.  I prefer to enjoy meals that don’t leave my mouth slightly numb afterwards. Luckily for my lips, Paola introduced me to a sweet yellow curry.

Paola’s kitchen is small by anyone’s standards, but it’s here surrounded by bright blue walls that she cooks on her hotplate. I’m not sure I can imagine cooking on a single hotplate. On one hand, complex dishes take longer for each bit to be prepared separately, but on the other hand, more time for tea. Or anything really. A kitchen dance party?

A microwave used to keep the hotplate company but it was recently sent out for repair. A programmable coffee maker sits in it’s stead.

All the cooking action happened here.

Paola gets to work and play nearby. While the quinoa was boiling she introduced us to one of her cats Jeffrey, who mistakes himself for a hat occasionally, and she gave us a peek at her studio space. 

Jeffrey. Occasional cat-hat.

In the room next door she has set up a long work table on top of her guest bed, and tends to line the walls with the things she is working on. On the far wall we could just make out the outlines of a piece she showed last summer at Collaboraction

Paola's studio space.
Paola’s studio space.

It seems this cooking situation lends itself to one-pot recipes. This curried quinoa is all prepared in the same pot. This one-pot technique definitely saves tons time during clean up. We enjoyed some tea during the laborious task of washing that one single pot.


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