American Summer Ale
A refreshing crowd pleaser.
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Grain Combo
  1. 8 lbs American 2-row Cargill
  2. 1 lb UK Pale Pauls Malt
  3. 1 lb Belgian Pilsen Dingemans
  4. 1 lb Belgian Aromatic Dingemans
  1. 1 lb Muntons dry light
  1. 1 pkg Wyeast American Ale #1056
Bittering Hops
  1. 1 oz US Goldings
  2. 1 oz Aroma hops brewer's gold
  3. 1.5 oz Northern Brewer (finishing hops)
  1. Step 1: Make a sugary liquid | Mash
  2. Step 2: Lauter & Sparge
  3. Step 3: Boil
  4. Step 4: Ferment
  5. You can find more detailed directions here.
  1. Tip: Read through all the detailed directions before beginning.
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Hey, I'm Kristina, I write most of the posts around here. I'm an artist, lighting designer, native Vermonter, pancake maker, bread baker, and now writer. I get far more excited about real maple syrup than anyone should.

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