Curried Cabbage

Curried Cabbage
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  1. Yellow curry powder
  2. 1/2 C water
  3. 1 whole nappa cabbage
  4. 2 large onions
  5. 1tsp Better than bullion beef flavor
  6. Salt / Pepper
  7. Add sausage optionally for a more substantial dish
  1. 1. Dice onions and chop cabbage into strips.
  2. 2. Add to a pan.
  3. 3. Add olive oil, water, and bullion to pan. Dust the top with an even coat of Curry powder.
  4. 3. Sauté together on high until the onions are transparent, and the cabbage is soft.
  5. 4. Salt and pepper to taste.
  1. Add a little curry at a time, more for a stronger flavor.
  2. The onions and cabbage will take 15-20 minutes to cook.
  3. If adding sausage, prepare in a separate pan, and add after the cabbage has cooked.
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