Just some of the action at Expo Chicago 2014.


Bling Bling | 6018North 

Darrell Roberts | Conservatory (Lincoln Park, Chicago), 2013 | oil on canvas
Kaz Oshiro | Untitled Still Life, 2013 | acrylic on canvas
Fernando Pareja & Leidy Chavez | Opresores Oprimidos
Gregory Halili | Memento II, 2013-14 | Memento V, 2014 | oil on mother of pearl
Beth Lipman | Column V | glass, glue   Leo Amino | Untitled, c. 1955 | welded and enameled brass
Beth Lipman | Cut Table | glass, wood, paint, adhesive
Marieke McClendon | Clay Head 1, 2, and 3 | ink on bristol board, ceramic

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