1.) What kind of artist do you consider yourself?
 I’m a painter. 
2.) What drew you to Comfort Station, and what did you do with the space?
 It’s such an unusual space, with odd walls and lots of windows. The space really did dictate where everything was hung. I showed there in July with Eleanor Ray and Greta Waller. 
3) What artist from all of history would you like to invite to dinner, and what would you feed them?
 I just watched Werner Herzog’s excellent Cave of Forgotten Dreams, so I think I would like to invite one of the Chauvet Cave painters who lived 32,000 years ago to dinner. We would eat steaks and scallops, maybe a nice salad. 
4) What is your favorite food memory?
 That’s a tough one. Going to Superdawg with my family is the obvious choice, but I think my favorite food memory would be the insane cakes my mom makes for my birthday. They have themes like “tea party lost at sea” and “pony smoking a cigarette while frying an egg.” 
 5) What piece of art do you secretly want to steal?
There are so many! I’d like to steal Self Portrait in a Wolf Fur Coat (1915) by Anders Zorn. I’d like to steal some of Amy Bennett’s paintings. They would be particularly easy to steal because they are so small. Slip them in your pocket, no one would notice! I’d like some Vija Celmins paintings,  a few Lynette Yiadom Boakye portraits. Maybe I’ll go on a crime spree. 
Self Portrait in a Wolf Fur Coat (1915) by Anders Zorn.
Self Portrait in a Wolf Fur Coat (1915) by Anders Zorn.


*Gwendolyn also works tirelessly to bring art to her community with the South Logan Arts Coalition.

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