Since it’s been an exciting two years packed full of thoughtful interviews, tasty food and community events, we’re taking a moment to celebrate our Blogoversary. We will present photos from our visits with the very talented artists we’ve come across, and on opening night we will feature edible art created by those same artists! You, of course, will be welcome to eat it

Our closing event at the end of the month will also mark the closing of the first round of our Digital Residency program. In collaboration with 2014 resident, Kiam Marcelo Junio, ITAK is creating a “critical cookbook” that will explore the intersections between art, food, and Filipino and queer culture. The book will be launching at the closing event, ready for you to see! We’ll also be screening videos from Junio’s web-series throughout the show.

Check back for more details!

Published by Jess

Jess Colvin is a Chicago native who got her BA in Graphic Design from Trinity Christian College. She is regularly gaming, designing, and experimenting with recipes found on Pinterest. Jess also dabbles in theatre, works for Groupon and has a life-long dream of owning a corgi.

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