Artist: Noelle Allen
Show: Graft

1.) What kind of artist do you consider yourself?
My work moves easily through many materials and processes so I would consider myself an interdisciplinary, conceptual artist.

Photo Credit: Noelle Allen
Photo Credit: Noelle Allen

2.) What drew you to Comfort Station, what did you do with the space?
I knew of the space through my friend Jordan Martins. When MK Meador joined the curatorial team there, we talked about doing a show that would be, in a sense, a continuation of the work we were doing together at the HATCH projects at CAC. I was limited to the wall space at CS so I decided to make a new group of wall-mounted work that either literally or conceptually grafted together two crucial points in my life and artistic career, right before the birth of my first child and following my last and second child, wherein I could actively be making and in the studio.  Once I had established the conceptual component of my own work, MK and I invited a group of women (many of whom we did not know) to contribute a piece of their own that related to the theme of grafting in any way they so chose. In that sense, it became a curatorial experiment.

3.) What artist from all of history would you like to invite to dinner, and what would you feed them?
I would invite Agnes Martin and my mother, who is also an artist and first introduced me to her work when I was in high school. We would have dinner in my Mom’s garden and I imagine we would feed her a beautiful tea with fruits, salads, cheeses, pastries and champagne.

4) What is your favorite food memory?
I really love sweets and I was determined when we got married to have an excellent wedding cake that was delicious. We asked a baker in San Francisco (our wedding was held at my mom’s house) to make us a really dense coconut cake in the shape of a giant Hostess Sno-ball.

5) What piece of art do you secretly want to steal?
Antonio Corradini’s Bust of a Veiled Woman (Puritas) marble.
Corradini was a Venetian Rococo sculptor. Despite the virtuous parenthetical, I find this piece to be incredibly dark, a woman frozen under the diaphanous veil.


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Check out some of Noelle’s new work at Regards, Gallery through April 9th!


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