Renee Robbins
Show: Fieldnotes 

Hydroza: Blue Buttions
Hydroza: Blue Buttions

What kind of artist do you consider yourself?
I’m the kind of artist that works all the time and I live each day like it’s my last. I might die tomorrow. I’m constantly making new pieces and thinking about all the work that I want to make. I define success by the amount of quality work that I make. I’m really driven to create, and it’s my entire life. My canvas and panel works are made with acrylic, and my works on paper utilize a combination of ink, gouache, colored pencil, and graphite. I also rent studio space at Spudnik Press Co-op where I can use the printing press and materials to create etchings and screen prints. It’s a maker space where artists can pay each time they go to utilize the equipment. Either I’m creating or I’m going to art exhibits. I typically attend 5-10 art exhibits each week and I’ll attend more if possible. I really get a rise out of experiencing art, and I think it deeply informs my practice. There is nothing more exciting than going to an exhibit and seeing a body of work that an artist has spend the last 1-3 years preparing for.

 What drew you to Comfort Station, and what do you plan to do/what did you do with the space?
I’m very excited to be showing a new body of work in a non-traditional community-driven art space. It’s really fantastic that CS also doubles as a performance venue. To me the space looks a research station in the middle of a city, and that inspired the creation of all new work for the show. There is a historic quality to the space that is really fascinating. Comfort Station also hosts musical and film programing throughout the month of April. Films are screened on Thursdays, and musical acts perform every Wednesday. It’s thrilling that there will be so many other events happening in the same space as my art exhibit.

 What artist from all of history would you like to invite to dinner, and what would you feed them?
For my dream dinner with Dr. Seuss, I would prepare a Cuban feast that includes salad, avocado, Maduros, Tostones, empanadas, grilled shrimp, marinated pork, black beans and rice, and perhaps flan for dessert.

 What is your favorite food memory?
Every Sunday night, my friends get together for a potluck. Everyone brings their A game, and a fantastic feast happens. It’s really incredible. We did carnival/fair foods one evening that included Chicken and waffles on a stick, pigs in a blanket, nutella funnel cakes, chicken wings, cole slaw, pickles, salad, calzones, corn on the cob, and deep fried corn dogs. This happens every week. It’s absolutely incredible, and I have pictures. 

Carnival foods night.

What piece of art do you secretly want to steal? 
I would die for a Jessica Joslin sculpture.  

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  1. Vermont (family) maple syrup is the best. We get excited also this time of year. Understand the “run” is over.

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