Tomatillo Revolution
Gumbo-y stew
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  1. 2 red onions
  2. 4 cups okra
  3. 12 tomatillos
  4. 2 tomatoes
  5. Splash of water
  6. Salt
  7. Ginger
  8. Tumeric
  1. 1. Chop ingredients
  2. 2. Coat a pan with oil and sauté chopped onions
  3. 3. Add the okra and tomatillos, a splash of water and seasonings
  4. 4. Cook about 30 minutes, until the okra and tomatillos have cooked down.
  1. Optional: Serve w/ brown rice
Inside the Artist's Kitchen

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Hey, I'm Kristina, I write most of the posts around here. I'm an artist, lighting designer, native Vermonter, pancake maker, bread baker, and now writer. I get far more excited about real maple syrup than anyone should.

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